A retrospective chart review of pirfenidone-treated patients in Sweden: the REPRIS study Carl Magnus Sköld, Christer Janson, Åsa Klackenberg Elf, Marie Fiaschi, Kerstin Wiklund, Hans Lennart Persson
Sputum RNA signature in allergic asthmatics following allergen bronchoprovocation test Rob G.J.A. Zuiker, Catherine Tribouley, Zuzana Diamant, J. Diderik Boot, Adam F. Cohen, K. Van Dyck, I. De Lepeleire, Veronica M. Rivas, Vladislav A. Malkov, Jacobus Burggraaf, Marcella K. Ruddy
Chronic bronchitis in West Sweden - a matter of smoking and social class Malin Axelsson, Linda Ekerljung, Jonas Eriksson, Stig Hagstad, Eva Rönmark, Jan Lötvall, Bo Lundbäck
Symptoms and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated with aclidinium in a real-life setting Peter Lange, Nina Skavlan Godtfredsen, Beata Olejnicka, Bo-Anders Paradis, Dan Curiac, Sjur Humerfelt, Gunilla Telg, Helene Nordahl Christensen, Magnus Alexander Bitsch, Elisabeth Wreford Andersen, Leif Bjermer
Bronchoscopy as a supplement to computed tomography in patients with haemoptysis may be unnecessary Klaus Nielsen, Magnus Gottlieb, Sara Colella, Zaigham Saghir, Klaus R. Larsen, Paul F. Clementsen
The use of COPD maintenance therapy following spirometry in General Practice Vibeke Gottlieb, Anne Marie Lyngsø, Ditte Sæbye, Anne Frølich, Vibeke Backer
Health-related quality of life in a nationwide cohort of patients with COPD related to other characteristics Ingela Henoch, Susann Strang, Claes-Göran Löfdahl, Ann Ekberg-Janssn
Rituximab-induced interstitial lung disease: five case reports Matiullah Naqibullah, Saher B. Shaker, Karen S. Bach, Elisabeth Bendstrup
Systemic sarcoidosis mimicking malignant metastatic disease Irena Hammen, David Lee Sherson, Jesper Roemhild Davidsen
Techniques of assessing small airways dysfunction William McNulty, Omar S. Usmani
Nurses’ and patients’ communication in smoking cessation at nurse-led COPD clinics in primary health care Eva Österlund Efraimsson, Birgitta Klang, Anna Ehrenberg, Kjell Larsson, Bjöörn Fossum, Lena Olai
Exercise and asthma: an overview Stefano R. Del Giacco, Davide Firinu, Leif Bjermer, Kai-Håkon Carlsen


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